Bastar The Naxal Story Movie Review

Bastar The Naxal Story Movie Review

Bastar The Naxal Story Movie Review

Bastar of Chhattisgarh and occupied Naxalitas has been the goal of the discussion between ordinary people in recent decades. But very few information came out on them. The actress Ada Sharma, the director Sudipto Sene and the trio of the creative producer Vipul Shah, who reached the box office with his previous Superhit The Trio of Naxalys film. He tried to highlight the truth.

Story of ‘Bastar: The Naxal Story’

The film begins with some inhabitants of the village in an internal bastar area in front of the national hymn. For this reason, the Naxalites not only raise the red flag instead of the tricolor, but they will also punish it brutally by killing the inhalative of the village she had bold. Of course, the family of that village is also punished. Your child is involved in Naxalite’s activities. In such a situation, the driest police Madhavan (Ada Sharma) supports his wife. He suggests a way to avenge his husband’s murder becoming a special police officer and also promises to report his son.

Duta is dedicated to breaking the back of the Naxal movement and there is an audition against his operation to the Supreme Court. Despite being pregnant for several months, Dutja continues the war against the Naxalites. One day he manages to capture a great leader of Naxalites. For this reason, the Naxalites who are deceived by the CRPF battalion and kill the life of many soldiers. How does Dutja teach a lesson at Naxalites? To know, you have to go to the cinema.


Review of ‘Bastar: The Naxal Story’

The real truth of the director’s previous film Sudipto Sen “The Kerala Story” had shocked the public. In such a situation, this time his film “Bastar the Naxal Story”, he made a serious problem like Naxism, he waited more to the public. He made an honest attempt to bring the dangerous truth of Naxism to the center keeping an IG woman in the center. At the same time, he also tried to exhibit the faces of the urban supporters of the Naxalites. But unfortunately, due to the weak history and the script, he could not have any special impact on the public.

Bastar The Naxal Story Movie Review

The film cannot connect from the beginning. At the same time, the story does not leave so much impact on the second half. Above all, the climax of the film is not so impressive. However, the director showed violent opinions at the hearing to guess the cruelty of the Naxalites, because the board of directors gave the film a certificate. If you talk about acting, Ada Sharma did it well. At the same time, the rest of the artists also worked according to their role.

Why seeing: if you are interested in Naxism, you can go and watch this movie at your risk. But they don’t have too many expectations from the film.

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