Dange Movie Review

Dange Movie Review 

Dange Movie Review 

Bijay Nambiar, director of films such as “Wazir ” and “Tish “, was presented this time in “Dange ” based on students and university campuses. His film was released in Tamil with the name “Por” with Kalidas Jairam and Arjundas. In this film adorned with student politics, violence, drugs, romance, bijoy has certainly happened in creating a different world, but it proves to be weak at the level of history.

The story  of  Dange

The background of the story is an imaginary university of St. Martins in Goa. The story Dange around university students Javier alias Ji (Harshvardhan Rane), Rishika (Nikita Dutta), Gayatri (Tj Bhanu), Ambika (Tanya Kalra). Xavier is the college hero, although this medical student has not been able to free the finals despite the association four times. Ricika is immersed in drugs together with college studies, while Gayatri College is trying to make Ambika GS in the college elections becoming the voice of the students.

Science, Arts and Commerce’s College also have hostels for girls and boys. There is also a lot of tension between the elderly and junior in the boys’ hostel. Overall, the students of this college seem more active in the struggle, politics and drugs of students and less in education. The turning point in history comes when the new young student (Ahaan Bhatt) enters the college. In fact, Xavier and Young have been part of a bad shock in the past, in which something happened to young people, who changed his world forever and believes in Xavier. Now he is ready to go to any extent to avenge the same thing from Xavier. Some politicians want to take advantage of the mutual struggle between youth and jewel, whose consequences will be very bad.

Review of the Dange Movie

Dange Movie Review 

The director of Amaitabh Bachchan ‘Wazir’, Bijayi Nambiar College, records his story on a large canvas on a large canvas, where he tried to show the world of youth and his complexity today. In the first half of the story, it is time to establish the characters, but in the second half, the story follows their rhythm. There is no doubt that this bijoy film is technically strong. The action, poisoning and romantic scenes also show biography, have also used neon lighting and artistic frames, but they have not been able to cover the dispersion of history.

There is a lack of high and depth in history. Biosy cannot give concrete reasons of violence, anarchy and poisoning in the world of poisoning. However, its action on the university campus is decorated with a high octane drama. The action of the film is strong. The track with local politics is interesting in some student policies in history. The background music is the most point of the film and has been rather impressive in the sequences before the climax, where jewels and groups of young people will clash. There was space in the edition. The music of the film is medium.

Speaking of the performance, in this film, established in the university environment, everyone has just justified their roles. Harshvardhan Rane was very surprised by Xavier’s Intensity Avatar. His hard work for the character is clearly visible on the screen. His appearance has shown that he is the golden glaze for his character. Ahaan also did not show nineteen in the role of a youth. He lived the layers of his character. TJ Bhanu was fantastic as a university leader. Nikita Dutta is pretty and pretty in the resHIT character. Tanya Kalra and Zoya Morani played their characters well. The cast of colleague was also good.

Why seeing: young people and fan of university life stories, you can see this movie.

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