Movie Review: Crack – Jeetega To Jeega

Movie Review: Crack – Jeetega To Jeega

Movie Review: Crack – Jeetega To Jeega

The actor Vidyut Jamwal made a place in the sector as action hero. With each film, it is seen trying to strengthen its own image. He is also doing something similar in his new film Crack – Jeetega To Jeega. The problem is that in the process of giving all the emphasis on the action, it has forgotten to focus on history. In the film, the Hero code is broken (slippery), but in reality there is a lot of “crack ” (Jhol) in this same story.

Crack: Story of Jeetega To Jeega

The story is by Siddharth Dixit Aka Sidhu (Vidyut Jamwal), born in a normal family in Mumbai, who already hangs from the train of the scene, climbing at the top and hitting the reckless makeup. The “Jammavaliani” (fan clubs) of electric, which the film was dedicated, will not copy it. Sidhu’s father is worried about his delay in delay, because he lost his eldest son Nihan (Ankit Mohan). But Sidhu’s dream wants to win the field in Poland and win him by participating in the field, because this was also the dream of his brother Nihal.

The special thing is that there is no simple delay competition in this field, but to advance in every voice, you have to do your life. Nihal also loses his life in this game. Therefore, Siddhaarth comes to the field to make his dream come true. Here he faces, shows the runner dev (Arjun Rampal) and a bloody soil game begins among the steunders selected from all over the world. Now, who will be the winner of this land? You won’t need to think about it and this is another great weakness.

Crack: Jeetega To Jeega Movie Review

Movie Review: Crack – Jeetega To Jeega

Well, the writers have tried to put all the adventure with the action in history, as well as the excitement of the nuclear bomb, but everything is written in a very superficial way. The dialogues are such that humans affect the head. Many double meaning dialogues vitus the mind. Some of these are so worn that complete before the actor speaks.

Not only that, the rules of field games do not seem unique or invisible. Sometimes it seems to be a cheaper version of the famous Korean series “Squid Game”, sometimes an improved version of “Khaton Khiladi”. However, the action movie is the only powerful side. The choreographer of action Kerry Greg has given some good sequences in the film. Vidyut Jamwal and Arjun Rampal also seem good in the action scenes due to their hard height.

Speaking, in the action scenes of the action, Vidyut has shown his domain again, but his tapor style is not so much. Arjun Rampal played his role honestly. Amy Jackson is fine in the role of police officer Patricia, but the attempt to act with Nora Fatehi seems too much.

Some songs like ‘Khayal Raha’ in the film are fine, but I don’t remember after leaving the theater. In general, the film is only for Vidyut Jamwal and his fans of the action.

why see? If Vidyut is Jamwal’s fan, his action is similar and satisfies you only to see the action, then this film is for you.

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