Yodha Movie Review


Yodha Movie Review

‘There are not, the country will always be ‘. When you feel the dialogue full of patriotism, when you listen to the hero, then it is known that in which area the film will be found. This patriotic action thriller has been brought as “Yodha” with director Sagar Shab and Pushkar Ojha Siddhaarth Malhotra. The title of the film and another dialogue,  ‘you forgot that the hero of this photo seems to install Siddhaarth in a super heroic style. By the way, when it comes to showing heroism in the thriller space, the events of the hijacking of the plane have always attracted filmmakers. This is why the movies based on hijack such as hijack, zameen, kandahar, Neerja, Bell Bottom have been made previous

The Story of Yodha

At the beginning of the story, the courageous soldier of the country Arun Katyal (Siddhaarth Malhotra) has shown that he is successful in a difficult terrorist mission with his understanding and value. In fact, the arun army officer, influenced by the value of father (Ronit Roy), joins the special task force warrior as a father, who was formed by his father. Khushal Arun’s house is his wife Priyanka Katyal (Rashi Khanna) and the mother. Priyanka is a government officer who takes place responsibility for negotiations in the emergency situation. The life and career of Arun and Priyanka are going well when a well -known scientist in the country is killed in a terrorist hijacker during the presence of Aru on duty.

Here Aun is sentenced due to the failure of decisions for himself in the attack. He and his whole team are suspended by placing an investigation over him and his team of warriors. After this, Arun’s wedding also reaches the divorce point and then after months it has no other option than to become aerial commands. But the turning point in history comes when Aru is placed in a London flight instead of a plane that goes to Dubai. The plane was diverted by terrorists and the accusation is imposed on the arun rebellious. Now Arun not only saved the plane and his passenger

Yodha Movie Review

Yodha Movie Review

Sagar Ambre and Pushkar Ojha, adorned with many types of shift and shift, can be considered a good start for the pair of directors with the film. However, the touch of the problems of Kashmira and Pakistan who are shown in the film has become both Hindi films that guess what will happen later. The film begins with the Dhama set mission, but creates a confusion of half an hour in the first half. The possibility that the patriot Siddhaarth is a traitor in the second half creates adventures in the film. The enormous action of the action maintains the emotion of the film. The merit of this is assigned to the director of the action Crag Mcre. Or action scenes inside the plane or two sequences, action, action seem strong. But many scenes look beyond logic. Pre-Climax produces adventures, but the climax becomes predictable. The story of John Stewart Eduri is strong, has managed to increase the exciting action and the rhythm. Jishnu Bhattacharji’s Chambervark is fantastic. Speaking of music, the film has a meeting of many musicians such as Vishal Mishra, Tanishq Bagchi, B Paraki, Jani and Aditya Dev, but only two songs such as Tere Naam and Kismet Badal have become good.

After Sher Shah, Siddhaarth Malhotra made use of the patriotic and action area and there is no doubt that he has shown that he was twenty in any way as a patriotic warrior. Action or emotion or romanticism, have come out in all colors. Dysha Patni was a surprise package of the film as aerial host. It seems exciting to see Siddhaarth Malhotra two or two hands with Siddharth Malhotra in the action scenes. Rashi Khanna was perfect in her role. Tanuj Virwani leaves an impact on his little role. The role of the terrorist was played well by Soleada Hinduja. The colleague’s cast was good.

Because watching movies based on access and patriotic can watch this movie.

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